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Ten Most Luxurious Sunglass Brands for Women

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Every woman knows that the right pair of sunglasses can make a world of difference. Just as the right blouse, jeans, or earrings, a pair of truly luxurious sunglasses shows, and better still, they make a woman feel even more gorgeous.

Here, not in any particular order, since they’re all outstanding, are ten extremely popular Luxury Sunglass Brands and you have them right at the Sunglass Hut, just waiting for you to choose.

Ray Ban


Ray Ban is, of course, well-known throughout the world and its reputation for fine and innovative eyewear is storied. For the free-wheeling woman who wants that Amelia Earheart look, the Original Aviator Mirror Collection has just the right pair for her.



Prada always comes up with something unique and exceptional. These many styles to choose from offer something for every woman who truly appreciates that little something extra.



Burberry, a luxury name with a history that goes back a long way in English legend brings any woman a bit of upper-class Brit look and makes her feel like royalty from the moment she slips them on.



Oakley has stepped in with some really up-to-date colors and luxury frame styles. You’re sure to find something to please, and in every brand, every style, our experienced and understanding associates make certain each woman finds the best style to enhance her natural-born features.



Dior of course, brings true luxury to bring out the best in any woman. Just to don one of these lovely and unusual styles is to step up into a new world of fine living. And people will notice! Dior means the best.



Fendi too has some of the most innovative and exciting new looks for today’s fastidious woman, the woman who demands the best. The Sunglass Hut offers a wide selection, and we’ll make sure you find just the right pair that says you.



Bvlgari is naturally right up there on the luxury shelf. Beautifully appointed and designed eyewear for town or at the beach, any woman will feel really special wearing a pair of sunglasses from Bvlgari.

Maui Jim


Sunglasses from Maui Jim are always a treat to see and to wear. A lot of care and attention goes into the design and construction of every pair and Sunglass Hut is sure to have a style that makes a perfect match for any discerning lady.



The house of Versace continues to turn out luxury day after day, and the sunglasses we offer are not only luxurious but outstanding and lovely to behold.



Coach has long been known for its luxury products and the sunglasses at Sunglass Hut are proof of that.

But as they say on TV, there’s more: At Sunglass Hut, the above-cited brands are only a few of the many magnificent and luxurious sunglasses they offer, and remember, they don’t just sell sunglasses; they sell the right look, a look that will make any woman proud.