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Medieval Viking Helmet with Ocular

Viking Helmet

The north men or Norse men inhabited the Scandinavian lands, without incident, for centuries. About 700 ad, due to overcrowding, they began to raid and colonize new territories. The name Viking comes from the Scandinavian word "vika" which means to raid.

This is a replica of the helmet most often worn by the Viking warrior. Although he is often depicted wearing horns, this portrayal is inaccurate.


Early Christian writers and artists recorded the pagan Viking with horns as a way of making them synonymous with the Christian version of Satan - which to them he surely was!

It is made of hand-forged A-36 18 gauge mild steel. This metallurgical composition provides excellent resilience, durability and will polish to high sheen.

This item is shipped to you pre-oiled for protection.


  • This helmet weighs over 6 pounds.

  • It is approximately 12 inches ear to ear.

  • The accents on the helm are real C-854 brass, not electro-plated. They also polish to a mirror finish.

Due to the handmade nature of this item, no two examples are alike. It's truly a unique, collectible piece.

These adventurous seafarers eventually extended their influence throughout most of Europe, parts of the middle east, and the new world. The large powerful Viking warrior prided himself on his bravery, honor, strength, fighting ability, and adventurous spirit.

His enemies considered him savage, brutal, and the personification of pure evil. An old English prayer ends with the statement "lord keep us safe from the wrath of the north men". If you are looking for an economical , historically accurate replica of the helmet worn by the Viking warrior look no further!

It is your responsibility to understand SCA combat rules and regulations. These rules and regulations vary from tournament to tournament and all standards are subject to interpretation by Tournament Marshal. For your own protection, do not wear this or any other helmet in any combat activity unless it is approved by SCA Officials prior to event.

You must be 18 years of age or older to purchase this medieval helmet.

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